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The maxim ‘information is power’ is truer now than ever. In developing countries, for example, climate change is creating new and very serious challenges to rural communities. Meanwhile, new strategies to help people cope, adapt, survive and even prosper are being found and developed ‐ whether by lab scientists, field researchers or the communities themselves. But how to share those lessons learned and winning formulae?

Improving communication to support the development of integrated, sustainable solutions to problems such as hunger, poverty, malnutrition and deforestation is at the heart of what we do at WRENmedia. And while communication technologies change, the principles of conciseness, clear focus, precise language and powerful images continue to drive our work on behalf of numerous clients across many fields.

Writing, editing & design

  • Information and inspiration 
  • Getting to the point 
  • Making an impact 
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Communication services

  • Coverage for the issues you care about 
  • Strengthening and targeting your message
  • Comprehensive and strategic vision
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Bespoke training

  • Making research accessible
  • Influencing policy
  • Building bridges for change
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