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Writing, editing and design

WRENmedia specialises in making science accessible, relevant and exciting to audiences around the world. Between 2012 and 2019, we were the editors of the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation's (CTA) flagship Spore magazine providing in-depth analysis on issues including entrepreneurship, smart-tech innovations and climate-smart agriculture. 


Our work for a broad portfolio of clients encompasses original writing and re-working existing documents into new, more accessible formats, as well as both simple and more comprehensive editing for clarity and brevity. We work with international organisations to write impact case studies, highlighting how their work is making a difference to communities in developing regions. Complex editing, such as

distilling a multi-chapter report into a short summary document, demands not only good writing skills, but also the ability to judge what should be included and what can be left out.

A clear, bold design and the careful choice of images give written products the visual punch to really make an impact. Effective design strikes the perfect balance between form and function, which emphasises the points that matter and makes it easier for the reader to grasp the key messages. At WRENmedia, our design work is frequently used alongside our writing and editing to provide a complete production package, such as in our work with CTA’s Vijabiz project. We also work with organisations to develop their branding.

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