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Training and facilitation

Identifying key messages and communicating them clearly, simply and without unnecessary jargon is a challenge for many scientists. Through mentoring and training workshops, WRENmedia encourages and enables researchers to go beyond their traditional means of communication in order to better communicate their messages, and work more closely with the media to effectively disseminate their findings. In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, WRENmedia delivered its first ‘virtual’ presentation training course to nine African research teams. As the team look to the future and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, it is an approach that WRENmedia will be encouraging our clients to pursue.

In the field of rural development and science reporting, WRENmedia also provides capacity strengthening for southern print and radio journalists, which has enabled us to

build up a cadre of writers and broadcasters who are enthused and motivated to report on agricultural science and related issues.


With over two decades of working with science journalists and other communication professionals across the developing world, WRENmedia has the diversity of experience to organise and facilitate workshops and event sessions. From a single session to an entire event, we have the skills to provide communications advice on the structure of the event programme and sessions, event facilitation and, if required, provide an overview report to capture the main points of discussion and the way forward.

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