Oluyinka Alawode

Based in Nigeria, Oluyinka focuses on helping farmers and other agribusiness investors improve and expand their businesses.

Busani Bafana

Busani is an award-winning Zimbabwean journalist who would not give up writing about
agriculture and food security in Africa for anything else.

Doreen Chilumbu

Doreen is a science journalist from Zambia with over 10 years’ experience. Since 2018, Doreen has worked as a correspondent for WRENmedia, sourcing articles for Spore magazine.

Natalie Dookie

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Natalie is a public relations and corporate communications professional with over 20 years of experience.

James Karuga

James is a writer and video journalist from Kenya with an interest in how science can impact agriculture, livestock and agribusiness.

Bob Koigi

Bob is a multiple-award winning Kenyan journalist, specialising in food security, rural development, climate change and international relations.

Charles Mkoka

Based in Malawi, Charles is a specialised science communication specialist with over 20
years of experience.

Friday Phiri

Friday is an award-winning

Zambian journalist specialising

in agriculture and

climate change.

Pius Sawa

Based in Kenya, Pius is a multi-media journalist with over 10 years of experience and Director of Zetu Media Services.

Kofi Adu Domfeh

Domfeh is an award-winning development journalist and the Regional Bureau Editor for Ghana’s Media General Group.

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