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Communication services

Whether our clients seek to inform or influence policymakers, practitioners or donors, WRENmedia uses the right format to make their key messages memorable and accessible. We work on behalf of a broad portfolio of organisations to help them communicate the value of their work by offering extensive support, including the creation of tailored communication strategies and social media toolkits.


To promote specific development issues and events, WRENmedia provides communication services to a number of clients through performing interviews with key speakers, and synthesising lessons and opinions into articles and blog posts.  These outputs, whether elaborating on interviews, highlighting perspectives on current issues or building engagement for upcoming events, are concise and relevant, providing clients with engaging content to be used with donors, team members or wider audiences. In addition, we regularly collaborate with our network of correspondents in order to provide local coverage and extend regional media reach.

To have a measurable impact, it is also important to regularly interact and engage with the target beneficiaries of development projects via channels that they are familiar with, so WRENmedia provides comprehensive social media support for a number of clients to increase the visibility of their work and events. WRENmedia provides a variety of packages in creating, posting and promoting relevant and interesting posts, banners and graphics to be used on clients’ social media platforms, and forms practical and realistic plans to achieve specific key performance goals.

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