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Spore magazine

As the flagship magazine of CTA, Spore has been published (in English and French) for over two decades and is now produced quarterly for readers in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP). Since October 2013, WRENmedia has been the editor of the English-language version and at the beginning of 2017, took over as Executive editor of the English and French editions, researching and writing a wide range of topics in agriculture and rural development.

Improving the quality of science journalism

In collecting field reports, news briefs and case studies for in-depth articles, WRENmedia works with a network of around 20 ACP science  correspondents. Supporting journalists to report on vital agricultural research and development issues (climate change, land, nutrition etc.) is a key part of our work. Providing regular advice and feedback to our Spore correspondents on how to approach a given subject and tips for strengthening their coverage, is just one of the ways we do this.


Spore's website publishes articles more frequently and provides greater coverage of agricultural and rural development issues than ever before. WRENmedia is responsible for creating content for the website, and ensuring that it sets the standard for clarity, accuracy and relevance in agricultural and rural development reporting in the ACP regions.

WRENmedia is also responsible for managing Spore’s new social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Regular activity on these sites is part of a new strategy to widen readership of the magazine to include more young people, individuals of the private sector, farmer organisations and women.

‘Thank you @Spore_mag team for your contributions to broadening our intellectual horizon in Agriculture and Food Systems and spreading the message on the indomitable power of human imagination. #Grateful @CTAflash’  - Twitter message from Debisi Araba, Regional Director for CIAT.

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