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The Royal Tropical Institute

The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) provides tailor-made scientific and research services for assessing and solving development challenges. The Institute combines expertise in agriculture, economics and health with advanced data and information management to create sustainable development solutions for millions of people around the globe.

For over six years, WRENmedia has been providing simple and complex editing and proof-reading services to KIT, including for briefs, papers and books for publication. The team often provides comments to authors for clarification where required in a first round of complex editing and re-writing, and then a second round of simple editing and proof-reading.

Ensuring consistency

In March 2020, WRENmedia was approached by KIT to provide editing support to finalise 12 Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) annual outcome reports between 57 and 180 pages long. Compiled by seven different authors, the reports had variations in style and layout. Working under a tight deadline, WRENmedia completed the formatting, editing and final consistency check of the 12 papers between 6-30 April.

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To ensure uniform edits were applied across the documents, WRENmedia advised that KIT use a specific writing style, and created a consistency checklist for recurring words, phrases and symbols to share amongst the editing team. A first round of editing was carried out to raise comments and queries with the authors where further clarity was needed in the text, and to highlight any missing details in the references. During a second round of edits, the authors’ responses and additional sections were reviewed and amended as necessary. Each document was then carefully formatted to ensure adherence to the style of KIT’s report template.

“WRENmedia was of great support in editing and harmonising our 12 reports for AGRA. They offered reliable support, easy communication and quick turnaround times. During these strange COVID times, they worked with our team day and night to get the best out of our reports and meet the short deadline.” – Geneviève Audet-Belanger, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Economic Development & Gender, KIT

From the authors:

“Thanks very much for your flexibility…The suggested edit is very good.”

“Many thanks for the great editing!”

“Thanks very much for finalising the two AGRA reports. This is great!”

“Thank you for patience and understanding with editing this report and for taking into account the additional changes.”

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