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Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition

The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition is an independent group of influential experts with a commitment to tackling global challenges in food and nutrition security. The Global Panel works to strengthen the evidence-base for action on nutrition and promote opportunities for agriculture and food systems to contribute to improving nutrition.


Since March 2016, WRENmedia has worked to provide strategic communications expertise and support to the Global Panel. Between March and November 2016, WRENmedia took over management of Global Panel’s Twitter account (@Glo_PAN) to increase the organisation’s visibility and generate greater online engagement in their activities.

By providing social media coverage to build anticipation before specific events and designing striking infographics and quotes for followers to share, WRENmedia was able to more than double the number of Global Panel’s new Twitter followers per month (to 80-100) and more the treble the number of post impressions (to 95,000).


Since the success of WRENmedia’s live tweeting from the African Development Bank’s annual meeting in Lusaka in 2016 to raise awareness of ‘African Leaders for Nutrition’ – which helped achieve 56,600 tweet impressions, 110 new followers and 2,691 profile visits in May that year – we have continued to provide this type of social media support for other key events.

Enhancing social media traction

WRENmedia has developed communication strategies to promote the launch of the Global Panel’s publications at different nutrition-related events worldwide, which has included the organisation and editing of op-eds, press releases, website updates, social media toolkits and blogs. In 2016, we also organised two All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meetings at the House of Commons in Westminster, London, as well as an evening event in Nairobi, Kenya for the launch of various policy briefs and reports.

Strategic communication planning and events organisation

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