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The Global Access to Nutrition Index

The Global Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) evaluates the world's largest food and beverage manufacturers’ policies and performance in relation to the challenges of obesity and undernutrition. The work of the initiative is intended to drive positive change in the food and beverage industry around diet, nutrition and health issues worldwide.

At the end of 2019, ATNI approached WRENmedia to request language editing support for its India Spotlight Index 2020 report, which looks specifically at the contribution of the largest 16 food and beverage companies in India to help address all forms of malnutrition in the country. WRENmedia worked closely with ATNI researchers to discuss the specific rules and meanings in relation to the technical terms and phrases included in the document, and to make sure the report matched the particular details of their style guide.

The results of this report, published in February 2020, were also compared against those of the 2016 iteration to demonstrate a change in efforts over time. WRENmedia also edited the accompanying press release to promote the launch of the report.

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A spotlight on the UK

Following the editing of the India Index, WRENmedia was also asked to proofread the UK Supermarket Spotlight report, which provides a review of the 10 largest UK food retailers’ disclosure on nutrition, diets and health. Accounting for over 94% of the grocery market share, the national scale and reach of these companies mean they have substantial influence over the food people have access to and what they buy. ATNI hope that the report will support the work of those working to transform the UK’s food system into one that delivers affordable, healthy diets for all.

“Many thanks again from the whole team here for all your support! We were very happy with the quality and efficiency of your work on the India Index and UK Supermarket Spotlight reports!” – Fiona Kirk, ATNI Communications Coordinator.

In the coming months, WRENmedia will provide further editing support to ATNI in the finalisation of the remaining chapters for the India Index, and in editing a Global Index report.

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