CTA Top 20 Innovations

In December 2013, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) launched a search for 20 ‘top’ innovations with the potential to transform smallholder agricultural production systems in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. From a total of 251 submissions from 49 countries, a team of international experts produced a ‘long list’ of 40 most promising innovations.

Making it concise

In July 2014, WRENmedia was asked to write short, 150 word abstracts of the 40 selected innovations. These varied from water hyacinth and aflatoxin management to hydroponic fodder production and low-cost poultry feed. The abstracts were then ranked by ACP farmers' organisations in order to produce a final list of the ‘Top 20’ innovations.

Presenting a strong case

In October 2014, CTA organised a write-shop for the successful submissions, to build their skills in presenting their innovations to potential partners, funders and adopters. WRENmedia provided editorial input in the development of factsheets, posters and guidebooks on each technology, and continued working with the authors after the event to further refine these products.

Inspiring change

WRENmedia’s final task in the CTA Top 20 innovation project was to produce a series of extended stories to capture the benefits and potential of each technology. This involved working with the innovation authors, and with CTA, to deliver a set of informative, inspiring case studies that can help to promote sustainable, appropriate technologies and support greater productivity in smallholder farming systems.