Our recent clients


Since 2014, WRENmedia has been working with CABI to develop a series of briefs documenting the impacts and lessons learned from CABI projects in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We have also provided editing and re-writing services for longer research reports. 

FAC – Future Agricultures Consortium

Working with FAC as part of their communications team for a number of years, WRENmedia provided coverage for annual conferences, including conducting audio and video interviews and contributing to the ‘daily highlights’ reports. Online and workshop-based communications training was provided to FAC researchers and WRENmedia was also responsible for writing press releases and stories for the media. A media competition organised by WRENmedia in 2013 encouraged better reporting by African journalists on key FAC topics, including investing in agriculture and the role of civil society in policy.

IDRC – International Development Research Centre

Starting in November 2013, we delivered a series of communication training workshops for Agriculture and Food Security programme research teams in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America to develop end-of-project outcome stories and policy briefs. We subsequently collaborated with the authors, and IDRC, in further editing and design, to bring these products to publication. A similar approach was taken with IDRC’s Africa-based Climate Change and Water projects in 2014-15 and is planned for the CultiAf programme in 2015-16 (see recent projects).

PAEPARD - Platform for African-European partnership on Agricultural Research for Development

PAEPARD supports research collaboration between a wide range of organisations in Africa and Europe. In 2016, WRENmedia produced a policy brief from a longer consultation paper and edited and re-structured a paper on brokerage to provide a shorter working document.

CIMMYT – International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

Over the last two years, WRENmedia has worked with CIMMYT to craft stories about its research for reporting to donors. 

GALVmed - Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines

WRENmedia has worked with GALVmed since its launch over five years ago, providing coverage of its work in both audio and written formats. During 2015, in collaboration with our correspondents, we are producing a series of monthly ‘stories from the field’ in multi-media formats to create awareness of GALVmed’s achievements in the fight against livestock diseases in Africa and Asia. 

ILRI – International Livestock Research Institute

A series of twelve impact research briefs was commissioned by ILRI in 2014, as part of its celebrations of 40 years of livestock research. WRENmedia also produced a series of four-page research briefs from longer research papers on gender analysis in livestock production.

KIT – Royal Tropical Institute

KIT is an international centre that carries out and publishes research and analysis from around the world. For the last few years, WRENmedia has worked extensively with KIT in editing books, papers and briefs for publication. 


APRA – Agricultural Policy Research in Africa

APRA is a DFID-funded research consortium focusing on commercialisation, women’s empowerment and poverty reduction in six focus countries in East, West and Southern Africa. As part of the inception phase, WRENmedia has been contracted to draft the Impact, Communication and Engagement Strategy to be implemented over the next five years.

CGIAR ISPC - CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council

In 2016, WRENmedia condensed an evaluation on livestock-related research into an impact brief that synthesised the main messages and outputs.

CTA – The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation 

CTA is one of WRENmedia’s major clients, based on a strong working relationship for over two decades. Since October 2013, WRENmedia has been the English editor of CTA’s flagship magazine Spore. We also undertake extensive editing assignments, photo searches for key publications (including the annual report and policy briefs), and writing (see CTA Top 20 Innovations). 

ICL Ltd.

WRENmedia provides PR services including editing, writing and communications advice to ICL, a potash company based in Israel.

IPI – International Potash Institute

WRENmedia has worked for IPI for over ten years and provides editing services for its quarterly magazine, e-ifc, and other international research papers, as well as PR and communications services. 

University of Southampton

In July 2014, a one day workshop was held with researchers and policymakers on ‘Policy & science: who defines the problem’ which was convened by the University of Southampton. WRENmedia provided communications advice on the structure of the programme and sessions, facilitation during the workshop and an overview report immediately after the event.

Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition

Global Panel is an independent group of influential experts with a commitment to tackling global challenges in food and nutrition security. Since March 2016, WRENmedia has provided strategic communications support, particularly social media services (predominantly Twitter), to raise awareness of Global Panel events and launch of technical policy briefs (see recent projects).

CDI WUR - Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation: Wageningen University and Research

CDI is a research institute attached to WUR, focusing on processes of innovation. WRENmedia works with CDI in editing books, papers and briefs. In 2016, WRENmedia edited a series of 12 briefs on ‘Integrated Seed Sector Development’ and a publication on seed capitalisation.